Doug Belanger

Doug Belanger

Doug “Big-Time” Belanger born on the 4th of July 1951 in Claremont New Hampshire became interested in music at 3yrs old and introduced to the drums at 5 years old.

In the early years of his upbringing Doug has been a stage dance performer and marching band percussionist. Playing the rock scene since 1966 in several bands like the Rebels Of Sound and This Side Up. After suffering a severe injury which he lost half of his movement he retrained his body to recapture the drumming technique he was taught as a young percussionist.

Playing with fellow bandmate Hans Wenklert in the early 80’s in a band named Fresh, Doug established a repertoire with local artists and producers. Traveling back to his native home town in New Hampshire he enjoyed the spotlight with several bands like Eureka Flight and The Sharks.

Playing in cover bands and recording since 1994, Doug brought his style and rhythm back to the Mid West to find success with Whiskey Cat. Till this day Doug continues to wow crowds with his bullet tight percussion with Drugstore Cowboys.